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Using Paper Dolls Agency to find your next brand ambassadors is a great idea because we have the experience, knowledge and skill to find the perfect person for your brand – and most of all we have the people. Selecting the perfect person to be your brand ambassador is an extremely challenging task and we can help you select the perfect candidate.

The Requirements of a Brand Ambassador

As a client, you need to be specific in what you are looking for in a brand ambassador if you want the Paper Doll Agency to be able to find you the perfect ambassador for the job. There are five requirements that any brand ambassador has to represent you at a promotional function.

  1. Brand ambassadors should be professionals. They need to be business professionals who have amazing communication skills and are reliable, punctual and smart. When people meet a brand ambassador for your company or brand, you want them to see them as professional as you are.

  2. You also want brand ambassadors with great personalities. A terrific personality will allow people to walk away from an encounter with your brand ambassador as a positive image of your company. A good ambassador is approachable and outgoing, and is definitely enthusiastic about the brand that they are representing. You want someone with a magnetic personality who can attract and engage consumers.

  3. You also want brand ambassadors who have experience. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and it should definitely not be your first priority because quite often, as long as they meet the other requirements of professionalism and personality, an inexperienced brand ambassador will be more teachable and do a better job than someone who has experience.

  4. Another great feature of good brand ambassadors is that they share interests with your company or brand. Also, you can use brand ambassadors that share interests with the event itself. As an example, if you were an exercise equipment company and you were holding some sort of fitness event you would want your brand ambassador to be fit and toned and have an interest in exercise.

  5. Finally, you want to consider special skills. Some ambassadors have skills that make them better candidates. Some of those include: acting, speaking a different language, photography and much more. If these special skills would be a benefit to your company then you want to look more closely at that brand ambassador. At Paper Dolls Agency, we have many ambassadors to choose from.

At Paper Dolls Agency, we like to call ourselves PEOPLE SPECIALISTS because we strive to match the perfect ambassador with each brand. We follow a strict recruiting, application, interview, and training process to not only represent the best of talent but to also learn our talent thoroughly in order to match successfully with your brand.

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